The Inspiration Box

How to activate the Olympic heritage: a selection of inspiring initiatives from Olympic host Cities

Keeping the Flame Alive! is a compilation of short stories by cities that are proud of celebrating their Olympic Legacy. Taken individually, each presentation is both an inspiring story and a source of useful information. It showcases a city’s willingness to activate its Olympic legacy. Taken all together, these cases illustrate the endless scope of possibilities to activate such a unique legacy. The richness of Keeping the Flame Alive! lies in the diversity of the shared experiences of Olympic Cities. As in a patchwork, each piece is unique but, once all pieces have been put together, the final product is even more unique. In this respect, this Olympic Legacy Toolkit perfectly reflects what the World Union of Olympic Cities is: a gathering of unique cities that finds its genuine identity by being a group where members communicate and share.

The pictures below invite you to an inspiring journey through the galaxy of Olympic Cities’ legacy. Go ahead and click!

The Keeping the Flame Alive! Toolkit is available in printable version by clicking here. This is the March 2018 hard copy file. Please note that all cases added on the website after this date are not available within the PDF file.

Members can also download the full-text PDF version on the Members’ portal. The Members’ version includes addition practical information related to internal and external stakeholders, finance and costs, use of the Olympic brand, and human resources and time involved. For any further information, the World Union of Olympic Cities’ team remains at your disposal at