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The French tone of North America

Rich with 400 years of history, Quebec City is known as the cradle of French civilization in North America, beyond its actual position of provincial capital. The city remains an architectural jewel of European colonial history of the Americas and was designated as a World Heritage treasure by UNESCO. Surrounded by landscapes of great beauty, boasted with a wealth of historical and cultural attractions, Quebec offers major international events and a renowned gastronomy, all set with a charming French tone.

400 years of history

Quebec City is 400 years old. Four centuries of forging itself a character built around a thriving culture, economic success, urban transformation, neighborhood life, and the French language. The old city, as the only fortified city north of Mexico City, is a living history lesson with a remarkable mix of architecture, heritage, art, and culture and remains one major element of the attraction of the city power. With its narrow winding streets and its profusion of shops, museums and attractions, old Quebec is a real back-in-time trip.

Its European origins mixed with American modernity give the city a very distinct character.

City of leisure and discoveries

Truly dedicated to pleasure, Quebec abounds with cultural activities, sports and all most exciting events. While summer offers a succession of festivals, winter allows unusual discoveries and adventures, the Carnaval de Québec being one of the most famous ones. A few minutes away from town, the region offers great outdoors sceneries such as a national wildlife reserve, national park, two wildlife reserves, fifteen golf courses, four centers Ski and thirty cross-country ski centers.

Located in a unique geographical and cultural crossroads, Quebec City is a major hub for the life sciences industry, or biopharmaceuticals and diagnostics, natural health products, health-related medical technology and information technology and tertiary sector. But it is also in a way the link between Europe and the Americas occupying a prominent place on the international stage.

  • Country: Canada
  • Population: 696,946 inhab.
  • Mayor: Mr. Régis Labeaume
  • Area: 453,86 km2
  • Official language: French
  • Official
  • Olympic events: co-host Montreal Summer Olympic Games 1976
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