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“As the Olympic Capital, the City of Lausanne plays an important role in the international sports scene. Hosting the World Union of Olympic Cities reinforces this role, fostering international exchanges for the benefit of a sustainable urban development.”

Grégoire Junod

President of the World Union of Olympic Cities

Mayor of the City of Lausanne since July 1st, 2016, Gregory Junod is also in charge of the Culture and Urban Development Department. At the head of the Olympic capital’s major urban projects, he focuses his mandate on developing the city’s housing, sport facilities, transport, culture and the prestige of its universities and educational programmes.

His vision for Lausanne is one of a cosmopolitan city open to international trade.

Last name: Junod
First name: Grégoire
Function: Mayor of the City of Lausanne
City: Lausanne
Passion: Tennis, ski and all kind of sport events