“Sport has no gender! This is a powerful way to change mentalities in this area, as in the fight against all forms of discrimination. Cities represent the ideal level of proximity to act.”

Émilie Moeschler

Executive Committee Member of the World Union of Olympic Cities

Convinced that sport is a vector of integration, Émilie Moeschler advocates a city where everyone, no matter their age, origin, gender or socio-economic status, finds their place. She is also committed to equality between women and men and the fight against discrimination.

As a vice-mayor in charge of sports, she seeks to strengthen the links between the Olympic Capital, the IOC, the Olympic cities and international sports federations.

Last name: Moeschler
First name: Émilie
Function: Director of Sports and of Social Cohesion for the City of Lausanne
City: Lausanne
Passion: Sport, jazz and generally everything that allows to strengthen the links between people