“Cities are being reconsidered in order to improve their citizens daily lives. The Union brings together cities that have been through very similar processes. Cooperation between their leaders and officials offers direct advantages for their citizens.”

David Escudé

Executive Committee Member of the World Union of Olympic Cities

David Escudé began his career as a private lawyer before developing his political activity at the Barcelona City Council, where he carried out a variety of tasks in different areas. He headed the First Deputy Mayor’s Office team from 2007 to 2011 and was in charge of coordinating its various areas of jurisdiction (Sports, Women, Young People, Immigration, Cooperation, Education, Culture, Communication, the Civil Service and Territorial Coordination).
He was elected City Councilor (2011-2015) for Sports. In July 2016, he was appointed Sports Commissioner.  In July 2019 he was elected Councillor for Sports of the City of Barcelona and Deputy for Sports for the Barcelona Provincia Council

Last name: Escudé
First name: David
Function: Councillor for Sports, Barcelona City Council
City: Barcelona
Passion: passionate about running and Barcelona’s neighborhoods