I looks forward to sharing my knowledge and experience as the World Union of Olympic Cities furthers the goals of the Olympic movement through its Legacy programming.

Art Devlin

Executive Committee Member of the World Union of Olympic Cities

Mayor Art Devlin is a successful businessman who served city government for twelve years prior to his election as Mayor.  As Lake Placid approaches its celebration of 100 years of Olympic Legacy, the long-term benefit of hosting the Olympic Winter Games continues to drive public and private investment.  In addition to fostering this sustained economic impact, Mayor Devlin is deeply committed to maintaining Lake Placid’s sports venues, promoting healthy lifestyles for residents and visitors and providing superior sport training facilities to athletes of all levels.  He  believes strongly that Olympic Legacy coupled with state-of-the art- facilities affirms Lake Placid’s winter sports heritage and ensures that it remains a premiere host of national and international sporting events 

Last name: Devlin
First name: Art
Function: Mayor of Lake Placid
City: Lake Placid