Legacy Governance – Seoul

Korea Sports Promotion Foundation

  • Olympic City: Seoul
  • Country: Korea
  • Edition of the Games: 1988 Olympic Summer Games
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How legacy Governance Started in Seoul

With “Enjoy Sport, We Support” as a motto, the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (KSPO) offers a very efficient and unique legacy governance model.

After successfully hosting the Olympic Games, Korea needed a public foundation for two purposes. The first was to commemorate the Seoul Olympic Games and manage Olympic legacy. The second purpose was to provide funds for the development of Korean sports in general by managing the Olympic surplus. In itself, the KSPO is a direct, concrete and lively legacy from the 1988 Olympics.

The KSPO was founded as a public service corporation on April 20, 1989 with authorization from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism in order to commemorate the 1988 Summer Olympics and promote national health through sports. KSPO‘s five main functions are the following: (i) to provide financial support in order to promote national sports, and raise and distribute funds; (ii) to install and support sports facilities and foster the sport industry; (iii) to conduct research in sport science; (iv) to undertake projects commemorating the Seoul 1988 Olympic Games; (v) to support youth-development projects.

As a strong supporter of financial affairs for Korean sports, the KSPO contributes to improving quality of life so that all Korean people can live in harmony through sports and enjoy a healthy life through sports in daily life.

The KSPO is also operating three Olympic sports centres in the Olympic Park, Bundang and Ilsan areas so that citizens can enjoy sports in their daily lives. These centres provide a wide range of facilities and programs for citizens’ systematic health care and sports activities.


KSPO aims at being a reliable supporter in promoting citizen sports welfare.

Legacy is…
Olympic Legacy is a medium for sports promotion both in Seoul and Korea. In addition, this part of Seoul’s history is an asset for promoting the City itself.

What’s next?
KSPO will do the best to develop the institution into a top-notch public corporation that creates best value. KSPO’s management innovations and endless efforts for changes will endear the corporation to the nations. In addition, KSPO is currently reflecting on how it can further capitalize on the heritage of the park, including making souvenirs using the mascot of the 1988 Games, for which the IOC has the copyrights.


Promote a healthy and active lifestyle

Enjoying life through sport is directly related to the individual’s right to happiness. Hence, the KSPO is helping people maintain health and vitality through participation in sports and leisure activities.

KSPO contributes to improving national health and quality of life through the promotion of sports.

One of KSPO’s visions is to be a reliable supporter in promoting citizen sports welfare. Thanks to high quality and accessible sports and welfare centres (three Olympic sports centres), the KSPO aims at facilitating sports practice among the population.

Promote social and constructive behaviour

Playing as a role model, KSPO is fully utilising its existing network to fulfil its vision of social responsibility “Creating social values through sports”. It also aims at building a fair society with shared growth. By doing so, KSPO promotes Olympic values such as respect and friendship and contributes to maintaining the Olympic spirit alive within society. Among others, the KSPO implements projects oriented towards giving hope to uneducated young adults through sports; utilising KSPO infrastructure such as the Olympic Museum, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Olympic Youth Hostel, and Korea Institute of Sport Science to provide various sports-related, hands-on job experiences, education on Olympic values, and creativity programs for elementary to high school kids; contributing to local community charity work such as volunteering welfare facilities, giving donations, helping with farm work, and distributing briquettes to solitary elderlies. The Hope Sharing 2nd Round project consists of creating jobs for seniors, providing tutors to low-income classes, supporting camps for the disabled, and providing emergency medical costs.

Promote the city by leveraging its affiliation with the Olympic Movement

One of the initial missions of the KSPO was to commemorate the Seoul Olympic Games and to manage the Olympic Legacy. By valuing and re-using Olympic venues throughout the City, the KSPO contributes to spreading the Olympic history of the City and the Olympic Spirit in Seoul and beyond. Through the promotion of art and culture (Seoul Olympic Museum of Art), the accessibility to sports facilities and accommodation at Olympic Parktel, KSPO anchored the City’s modern activities with its Olympic past.


About 5.23million people visit Seoul Olympic Park every year.

About 0.22million people visit Seoul Olympic Museum every year.

KSPO provides Olympic Values Education Programme to 1,000 students a year.

Key Challenges

Securing financing from sports activities to sports activities
KSPO designed an original model that finances sports through sports. It raises national sports promotional funds from cycle racing, motorboat racing and Sport Toto, and uses them to contribute to enhancing life standards through sports and fitness programmes.

Ethics at the heart of management
KSPO puts enormous effort on making ethical management as part of the daily lives of its employees and partners by improving the quality of service through management innovations and transparent company cultures. To become a trusted partner with collaborating companies and local communities, KSPO puts emphasis on building transparent contract processes and nurturing small and medium sports companies. KSPO makes continuous efforts while working fairly and confidently to become a role model for any public services.

Social responsibility is core to KSPO’s work. KSPO’s LoveShareVolunteers programme plays a central role getting its employees to participate in various volunteer work in local communities, spreading values of sharing and shared growth in order to make the society a better place.

Key learnings and recommendations

Making Citizens Healthy & Korea Energized through Vitalizing Sports For All
For everyone – from children to seniors – to enjoy sports regardless of their age, area, or income, we build various sports facilities such as citizen health centres and open gyms around the neighbourhoods as well as renovate deteriorating public sports facilities.

Free Assessment of Physical Fitness & Exercise Prescription Service
KSPO provides the National Fitness Award program to manage citizens’ health and promote sports participation. Any citizen who is 13 years old or above can visit the Citizen Fitness Assessment Centre (a total of 43 centres around the nation as of 2018) to scientifically assess their own health condition. Fitness professionals will then provide appropriate management plans according to the citizen’s needs. Starting 2016, the National Fitness Award On-Demand Bus and its staff has been on service to provide the same National Fitness Award program to busy individuals such as taxi & bus drivers and office workers.



More information


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