Legacy Governance – Olympic Park Munich

Olympic Park Munich

  • Olympic City: Munich
  • Country: Germany
  • Edition of the Games: 1972
Since 1972

How Legacy Governance Started In Munich

Six days after the 1972 Olympic Games, the Olympic Park was already operational and hosted its first major Post-Games event. This shows both the preparation that was anticipated before the Games and the ability of resilience after the tragic events that happened during the 1972 Olympic Games.

More than 14,000 events have taken place in the Olympic Park since 1972. In 2019 alone, the park registered 4,3 million visitors, of which 2,9 million visited 417 events and more than 1,4 million visited the tourism and leisure facilities.

With this unique concentration and combination of different event and leisure facilities and corresponding attractions, the Olympic Park in Munich has developed to become one of the most important centers of its kind.

The Olympiapark München GmbH is an investment company 100% owned by the City of Munich.

The goal of the company is to operate the Olympic Park site and it’s functionally and locally connected facilities, including outdoor and auxiliary areas, and to conduct all business activities associated with this task.


The company’s motto is: Think and act in a creative, innovative, economic as well as customer- and future-oriented way. Its main tasks consist of acquiring and/or generating new events, keeping leisure facilities up-to-date and ensuring that the venues are in state-of-the-art condition.

The services which are offered by the Olympiapark München GmbH to its customers are of particular importance: The company’s expertise includes event organization, PR and media work, incentives, catering, ticket sales and marketing – services which are also partly provided and realized by business partners such as DO & CO München GmbH or München Ticket GmbH.

Beyond its international reputation as an event and leisure center, the Olympic Park also represents an important economic potential for the Bavarian capital.

Legacy is…

For the Olympic Park Munich, legacy is gearing the venues and facilities towards the future in a way that preserves a unique legacy.

What’s next?

Since almost 50 years, the Olympic Park has been the ideal platform for a wide spectrum of event and leisure facilities. And it should continue to be exactly that in the future. Especially with regard to the Olympic Stadium, the Olympiapark München GmbH focuses on important and economically promising events. It is also crucial to preserve the unique architecture, such as the Olympic tent roof as a hallmark of the city of Munich and at the same time making the venues and facilities ready for the future.

2020: Start of the application process for admission to the UNESCO World Heritage List

2022: 50th Anniversary Olympic Games; The European Championships Munich 2022

2023 and the next years: further renovation and modernisation of the Olympic facilities. Operationally, the Olympic Park will focus its attention on important and economically promising events.


Promote a healthy and active lifestyle

Olympic Park Munich is the best place when it comes to sports – no matter which time of the year. It offers indoor (Soccer arena, ice rink, swimming pool, a fitness studio and wellness facilities) and outdoor (Exercise Areas, tennis, mini-golf, inline skating, boat rental) high-level facilities promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. It also hosts sport clubs for team sports such as water polo, swimming, diving, underwater rugby, figure skating and ice dancing, ice hockey or short-track. It is a place made for families and young people.

Olympic Park Munich is a convinced promoter of action sports. For the last years, it has hosted the MUNICH MASH Festival. This event combines action sports such as skateboarding, BMX, wakeboarding and brings the special culture that comes with action sports to the people – creating a unique atmosphere. Dancing, listening to music, shopping or chilling – Olympic Park celebrates action sports! With over 100 entertainment stations for the visitors, music, art, culture and infotainment, MASH is a meeting point for everyone – interactive, entertaining, exciting, and informative for people of all ages.

Promote the City by leveraging its affiliation with the Olympic Movement

Olympic Park Munich is one of the landmarks of the City of Munich as the City’s development is closely linked to its Olympic history. The City is intrinsically linked to its Olympic history. The Games were a true success in terms of sport and are linked to the tragic part of History.

The park has also managed to take the best advantage of the unique architecture and offers various guided tours through the area (such as the architecture tour, of the spectacular roof that includes roof climb and flying fox as well are architecture tours.


  • 219,6 mio. registered visitors; including 124,8 mio. visiting 14,324 sports, cultural and commercial events since 1972;
  • About 94,8 mio. guests of the recreational and tourist facilities.

Key Challenges

Keeping high-level facilities

From 2007 to 2020, the Olympic Hall was renovated and modernized during the daily event operations. Under the management of the Stadtwerke München Services GmbH (the client), new kiosks, new telescopic grandstands, a new ceiling, new VIP areas, a new truck departure area and new building services were installed. In addition, the display technology was expanded and modernized. A new restaurant Club/Coubertin with a beer garden was built. The new “Small” Olympic Hall was opened in 2011 and many other renovation works were carried out, which above all serve to save energy. For visitors and customers, this renovation means: more service, more comfort and an even wider range of events.

Before the modernisation, the Olympic Hall had already been used for 35 years. The planning of the hall goes back even further. Despite ongoing maintenance and modernization work over the past few decades, a building of this age can only meet the requirements of a modern event if its technology is the current state of the art. Even more when a venue plays in the top league of event venues. Therefore, the renovation was absolutely necessary for functional and technical reasons and can be seen as a clear signal for a successful future of the Olympic Park.

Maintaining political will

As a an investment company 100% owned by the City of Munich, the long-term political challenge is to keep the City of Munich as the owner of the Olympic Park. Also to secure financial support for necessary measures in the future. In 2022, the Olympic Park will celebrate its 50 years anniversary of the Olympic Games Munich 1972. The highlight with regard to sports will be the European Championships Munich 2022, the biggest multisport-event held in the Olympic Park after the Olympic Games with 9 sports in total. Hosting over 4.500 athletes, Olympic Park Munich will be in the center of attention, showing its attractiveness and connecting with its Olympic past in a forward –looking perspective.

Key learnings and recommendations

Diversify the offer

Of particular importance are the services that the Olympiapark München GmbH offers its customers: The company’s expertise includes event organization, PR and media work, incentives, catering, ticket sales and marketing – services which are also partly provided and realized by business partners such as DO & CO München GmbH or München Ticket GmbH.

Beyond its international reputation as an event and leisure center, the Olympic Park also represents an important economic potential for the Bavarian capital. Large events such as MUNICH MASH 2014/15/16/17/18/19, X-Games Munich 2013, UEFA Champions League Festival incl. Women´s Final 2012, the European Athletics Championships in 2002, the concert of the 3 Tenors in 1996, the Davis Cup final 1985, the basketball finals in 1989 and 1999, the Compaq Grand Slam Tennis Cup in the years 1990-1999, or the guest performances of “Holiday on Ice” (since 1972), shareholder meetings held by major companies (Allianz, BMW, Siemens), exhibitions and large outdoor events (e.g. FIFA Fan Fest 2006, Festivals) as well as numerous additional events have contributed to the prosperity especially of the retail and tourist industry. Not to mention the positive marketing and promotion effects that events of such caliber generate for the City of Munich and its tourist industry.

Keep high profile through cooperation with business enterprises

To secure and further extend the extraordinary diversity of leisure facilities and the economic existence of the Olympic Park in the future, an unprecedented cooperation of high-profile business enterprises in the field of event center marketing was founded in 1992 – the “Treffpunkt Olympiapark” (“Meeting Point Olympic Park”). The intention of this pool of sponsors is to make use of the communication potential of the Olympic park That way, the cooperating parties benefit from the fascination and the high experience value of the Olympic Park. At the same time, the financial means obtained by the partnerships will be used for acquiring new, attracting top events and for improving the parks’ infrastructure.

In the current business year 2020 the “Meeting Point Olympic Park”, which is supported by the S&K Marketingberatung GmbH, is made up of the following companies: AOK Bayern, BMW, Coca-Cola, Airport München, Langnese, Leonardo Hotels, Lotto Bayern, Münchener Brauereien and Stadtsparkasse München.



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