On the spot

Xiaohui Fu

Secretary General of Beijing Olympic Development Association
Member of the Executive Committee of the World Union of Olympic Cities

The City of Beijing is about to host the Winter Olympic Games. Beijing will be the first Olympic City ever to host both Winter and Summer Games. How have you built on the 2008 legacy in preparation for the 2022 Games? 

Beijing 2022 follows the principle of hosting a green, inclusive, open and clean Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. It will be the first time in the history of the Olympic Games that all venues are 100% powered by green energy and that carbon dioxide ice making technology is used on a large scale, with near-zero carbon emissions. For sports that are played on ice, the only newly-built venue is the National Speed Skating Oval (Ice Ribbon), while all other venues were converted from the existing venues for the Beijing 2008 Games. The goal of engaging 300 million people in winter sports has been achieved ahead of schedule. Beijing 2022 works closely with national and international sports organisations on matters such as venue construction and event organisation, strictly controls the cost of hosting the Games, and follows a “zero tolerance” policy for doping and ethical violations.

It has been two years now that the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted not only the preparation and the hosting of sports events but the entire world. How are you dealing with this parameter to deliver Games that embody and reflect the Olympic spirit and values?

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, China follows the vision of people-centred development, and puts protecting the people and human life above everything else. To ensure the safety and health of local Chinese people and all athletes and Games participants, Beijing 2022 has prioritised Covid-19 prevention and control and implemented science-based and precise control measures against Covid-19, creating a safe environment for the hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.
Beijing 2022 and the IOC have published the first and second versions of the Beijing 2022 Playbooks. Necessary measures, such as pre-departure tests, closed-loop management and vaccination, will be taken to ensure the safety of all stakeholders and the safe and smooth staging of the Games.

The Tokyo Games were held behind closed doors. In Beijing, tickets for the Olympic events will not be sold to the general public and events will be accessible upon invitation only. In this context, what kind of tools are you developing and implementing to ensure fan engagement and popular mobilisation, not only locally but also worldwide, and remotely? 

The Olympic Winter Games is both a sports event and a cultural event. Since 2021, Beijing 2022 has released the motto, the torch relay plan, and the medal design of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The lighting and handover ceremonies of the Olympic flame for the Beijing 2022 Games have been successfully completed, and the Olympic Flame Exhibition Tour has started. China Media Group has launched its Olympic Channel. Chinese embassies and consulates worldwide have held a series of promotional activities for the Beijing 2022 Games to promote the Olympic spirit and values ​​and create a welcoming environment for the Games. The Beijing 2022 Games is a grand event for the media to promote the Olympic spirit and spread the charm of sports and the host city.

Hosting the Winter Games is a fantastic opportunity to promote the development of winter sports in China. However, the pandemic has complicated the promotion plans these last two years. How is BODA preparing to continue promoting and developing winter sports after the Games so as to provide a long-lasting legacy? 

After the Beijing 2022 Games, BODA as an Olympic legacy institution will make sustained efforts to carry forward the legacy of the Olympic Winter Games and promote the high-quality development of winter sports, ice and snow culture, ice and snow sports events for all, and the sports industry. It will continue to hold the Beijing Olympic City Sports and Culture Festival through a combination of online and offline methods to facilitate sports for all and promote the development of winter sports. It will continue to hold the Beijing International Sports Film Week as a way to promote the culture of the Olympic Winter Games and ice and snow sports. It will vigorously carry out Olympic education for young people by bringing winter sports into schools and supporting the hosting of youth winter sports events. Under the guidance of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and the Beijing Government, BODA will actively work with relevant authorities in Beijing to build a platform to support the development of the winter sports industry and promote international exchanges and cooperation in winter sports.

The Olympic Games are always an opportunity to celebrate friendship, solidarity, and peace among nations (through the Olympic truce). What concrete signs are being given by China and Beijing 2022 to highlight and respect these Olympic values?

The Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 is a major international sports event and a stage for athletes from all over the world to compete fairly. China is grateful to the international community for its strong support for the Beijing 2022 Games and is willing to work with the IOC and the international community to stage a simple, safe and splendid Olympic Winter Games.
“Together for a Shared Future” is the motto of the Beijing 2022 Games. It is also China’s action plan to honour the new Olympic motto. “Together for a Shared Future” emphasizes the strength of solidarity and collectiveness and reflects the core values ​​and vision of the Olympic Movement and the pursuit of global solidarity, peace and progress. This motto also takes into account core Paralympic values, especially the important role the Paralympic Games play in promoting a more inclusive society.