On the spot

 Keliang Li

Mayor of Zhangjiakou, The People’s Republic of China

The World Union of Olympic Cities and its Members are really pleased to welcome the City of Zhangjiakou, host of several events during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, as a new Member of the association. What are your expectations from this membership?

Zhangjiakou hosted most of the snow events during the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, and it’s our great honour to join the World Union of Olympic Cities. The Union is the only organisation which directly connects host cities, the International Olympic Committee, and international sports communities. We do believe Zhangjiakou will benefit greatly from this global network.

How would you like to contribute to the work and life of the Association?

Zhangjiakou is ready to make concerted efforts with other Members of the Union to contribute to its development, and we will also share helpful experiences with other Olympic cities. The Zhangjiakou Olympic City Development Association will carry on the Olympic spirit and promote the sustainable development of the Olympic and Paralympic causes. Its office, the Zhangjiakou Olympic City Development Center, will be specifically responsible for communication and exchanges with the World Union of Olympic Cities.

How have you prepared the 2022 Games’ legacy and what are your plans to build upon the Games to leave a long-lasting legacy for your population?

We will make full use of the venues and supporting facilities in Zhangjiakou Competition Zone, vigorously develop the sports and leisure industries, mainly skiing in the winter and outdoor sports in the summer, so that we can realise the all-season operation of venues, and boost the sustainable development with events, exhibitions, study and research, cultural activities, and tourism.
We will also open the Winter Olympic venues to the public and organise various mass sports events and cultural tourism activities. These venues will operate in a sustainable and diverse way, and become important local venues for public fitness, leisure, and vacations.