“The World Union of Olympic Cities and its new initiative the Smart Cities & Sport Summit is now becoming a platform for all cities interested in using sport for urban development.”

Daniel Brélaz

Co-Founder & President of Honor of the World Union of Olympic Cities

Graduating with a degree in Mathematics from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, Daniel Brélaz joined politics early in his career and was elected to the National Council in 1979, becoming the world’s first ecologist ever to be a part of a national parliament.

Since his first term as Mayor of Lausanne began in 2001, Daniel Brélaz has been in charge of more than just the city’s finances. His close involvement with several major city institutions, such as the Public Transports of Lausanne, Lausanne Tourism and internationally-positioned groups and associations such as the World Union of Olympic Cities, which he used to preside until end of 2016, has played a key role in the regional as well as international development of the city of Lausanne.

Last name: Brélaz
First name: Daniel
Function: Former Mayor of the City of Lausanne & National Councillor
City: Lausanne
Passion: Hiking