Culture, Tourism and Sport: Showcasing Legacy in Dedicated Places

“Art enlightens the intelligence, captivates thought, and incites ambition.”

Baron Pierre de Coubertin

Art and culture are a fundamental dimension of Olympism. Blending sport with culture and education has been a pillar of the Olympic movement since the early ages, with a direct reference to Ancient Greece. The Olympic Games represent the culmination of the alliance between arts and sports. This momentum is also propitious to the creation of memories.

To cultivate these collective or individual memories, activate local and national pride, stimulate dialogue, it is necessary to have dedicated places to visit as well as activities to remember and teach the young generation. Transmission of values, stories and dreams is an essential mission to be covered by cultural policies. Physical testimonies of the past are far from being dusty things on old shelves! Today’s Olympic museums and facilities are also technological platforms, playful grounds, places to experience sports or other Olympic-related sensations. Art and history are definitely connected to the present and the future as well as connected to the City where they are showcased. In this modernity is also integrated the touristic dimension as well as the active policies and strategies that allow an Olympic City to promote its assets.

The cases presented in this section have developed specific touristic strategies and have found various cultural ways to value their Olympic heritage.