“Having hosted the Olympic Games twice in Lake Placid, we know that maintaining a city’s Olympic status as well as keeping its Olympic legacy alive is a huge challenge. The World Union of Olympic Cities aims to help cities be prepared for and to find creative ways in keeping the Olympic spirit alive.”

Craig Randall

Executive Committee Member of the World Union of Olympic Cities

Vice President and Regional Commercial Lending Officer at the NBT Bank and current Mayor of Lake Placid, Craig Randall has a long history with sports. As he likes to tell others, his father was a famous local speed skater who grew up and skated with Charlie Jewtraw, one of the pioneers reponsible for bringing the Olympic Games to Lake Placid in 1932. Craig Randall’s efforts are currently focused on strengthening the attractiveness of Lake Placid by holding world-class events every year in high-level infrastructures, thus raising the city to the highest rank in international sport.

Last name: Randall
First name: Craig
Function: Mayor of Lake Placid
City: Lake Placid