Stockholm – Olympic Centennial Jubilee


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  • Olympic City: Stockholm
  • Country: Sweden
  • Edition of the Games: Stockholm 1912 Summer Olympic Games
100th Anniversary
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Act II – Climax

Factual Data

Events’ Format

115 events

  • Sports
  • Culture
  • Recreational
  • Popular
  • Commemorative


1 year with a highlight during the so-called Sunshine week (1-10 June 2012), named as such in order to directly reference the 1912 Sunshine Olympics.


65 arenas or locations within the City, including sport venues, cultural halls, parks, streets (1912 Marathon Road), sparkling waters of central Stockholm, Central Station, shopping centres, etc.

The City was presented as one huge arena.


Sports and Recreation Administration

Units of Communication and Protocol

Department of Traffic

Department of Culture/Stockholm City Library

National Sports Federations

International Sport Federations

The Swedish Olympic Committee

Various local sport clubs

Mobilisation & Visibility

130,000 people participated in Jubilee activities

One million spectators visited the events

10 municipalities were involved

To mobilise the population, the activity “In the streets and in the squares” was carried out.

The majority of participants in the “try-it-out” activities were children and youth

The Jubilee also had an international dimension: relatives of historic figures of the 1912 Games were given special attention (Jim Thorpe and General Patton) and participants of the Marathon were honored (see below).

55 countries were represented in the competitions.

A crowd of dedicated people helped to create a good atmosphere at various locations around the City.

Combination with other events

The Jubilee was present and profiled with suitable bigger sports events such as:

  • World Ice Hockey Championships
  • Triathlon World Cup

Olympic Day celebrations were included in the centenary’s programme.

Connection with London Olympic Games was also established. Although Stockholm lost its bid against London for the 2012 Games, the City took a pragmatic approach and worked in close cooperation with the British Embassy and Visit London to wish London 2012 all the best by holding a series of events at Kungstragården, the central Stockholm park. These events were given a special British flavor in Stockholm.

Inventory of Activities

picto_sports90x90 SPORT

25 international competitions and 13 Swedish championships including:

  • Jubilee Regatta
  • Sailing race
  • Stockholm Marathon (on 1912 Route)
  • 330 km bicycle race
  • Equestrian events
  • Swimming competitions, etc.

55 countries represented in the competitions.

Cooperation with 50 athletic federations.

Sunshine Days in collaboration with the Swedish Olympic Committee.

Opportunity to try or observe ‘old’ sports including standing long jump, standing high jump, javelin throwing with the weaker hand.

Opportunity to try or observe ‘new’ sports including Segway Polo or Roller Derby.

Special competition for young Stockholmers to invent a new sport (with a SKR 10,000 prize award).

Parade of +700 past and present Swedish Olympians in the Stadium, accompanied by young Swedish Olympic hopefuls.

Exhibition of many sports including gymnastics with 600 participants, wrestling, fencing, tennis, dressage, cycle pursuit, and track and field.


People were invited to dress up or down with clothes from the early 20th century (especially for the Marathon or the Jubilee Regatta).

Several new publications on the 1912 Games were released and presented.

Gala dinners were organized featuring living Olympians; the Royal family; IOC members; and representatives from the many Embassies in the City.

Exhibition within the Olympic Stadium: corridor of the Olympic Stadium with window bays used to present 22 snapshots from the 1912 Olympic Games that focus on important situations and events, ranging from organization, logistics, catering and colorful sporting personalities => Wall of Fame of 1912.

Bus tours to Olympic locations.

Parade of 250 wooden boats, including a number from the original 1912 race.

Display of 12 plaques in and around the City to commemorate various special moments of the 1912 Games.

picto_building290x90URBAN RENOVATION

The Stockholm Olympic Stadium is under permanent renovation following very strict rules set by the City of Stockholm. The Jubilee was a starter in opening this venue to the public all year round. In the winter, the Stadion provides ski tracks from late November to March. The rest of the year, the tracks are available for public jogging.

More Stockholmers have found their way to the stadium for exercise, even in winter.

The Jubilee Regatta was the occasion to inaugurate Nynäshamm’s newly built waterfront.

picto_brand_olympique90x90USE OF OLYMPIC SYMBOLS & BRAND

Use of the Official 1912 Poster.

Creation of a special logotype “100 Arena Stockholm 1912-2012” used for a number of publications and purposes.

Cauldron and torch were not present in 1912.

No agreement with the IOC regarding the use of Olympic rings.

While there was no direct usage of the Olympic brand as part of the Centennial Jubilee celebrations, the connection with the 1912 Games and the involvement of the Swedish Olympic Committee meant that there was a very soft presence of the Olympic brand throughout the course of the year.

Participation of IOC President, Jacque Rogge, in the celebrations.


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