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Sport Metropolis Berlin

Berlin is Germany’s number one city for sports. The sports metropolis is considered to be one of the major global locations for sporting events and attracts top athletes and sports enthusiasts from all over the world. As a regular host of numerous extraordinary international events, including European and World Championships, multisport events and this year’s highlight, the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023, the German capital has always managed to present itself as a welcoming and cosmopolitan city. By hosting outstanding sporting events, we bring the potential of sports to the world stage and with it the values that are important in a community, such as diversity, team spirit and fair play.

Berlin’s sports scene is as colourful as the city itself. Our approximately 2,500 different sports clubs offer a wide range of sports for everyone in the city. By providing individual support to various social groups, we promote inclusion, social cohesion and the quality of life in Berlin. This makes sports alongside with science and culture one of Berlin’s foremost strengths.

Both professional and recreational athletes enjoy excellent training conditions in all disciplines. Athletes have many cutting-edge sport venues at their disposal, including large sports parks such as the Olympic Park Berlin with the Olympic Stadium as one of Berlin’s landmarks.

Germany’s largest Olympic training centre and stronghold of top-class sport

Berlin is home to Germany’s largest Olympic training centre. The capital’s athletes represent the diversity of sports in Berlin and are often members of national teams. At the same time, hardly any other major city offers as much professional sports on site all year round: six top sports clubs in five disciplines enrich the city’s sporting scene.  Around 500 national athletes in almost 28 Olympic and 10 Paralympic disciplines are coached in Berlin’s Olympic training centre. They ensure that the remarkable number of 151 Olympic and 79 Paralympic medals won by Berlin athletes since 1992 continues to grow.

  • Country: Germany
  • Population: 3,87 million inhab.
  • Mayor: Mr Kai Wegner
  • Area: 891,8 km2
  • Official language: German
  • Official website:
  • Olympic events: Summer Olympic Games 1936