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A model for the future

The famous American World War II General Douglas McArthur calles the Olympic Games of 1928 in the wonderful City of Amsterdam: “A model for the future.” In Amsterdam, for the first time women were allowed to compete in both gymnastics and athletics. Plus, in Amsterdam, the Olympic flame was lit for the very first time. In a lively city with over 180 different nationalities, that flame is still burning. Facilitated by both the City Council and ‘Topsport Amsterdam’, a company managing elite sports programs and elite sports events. In the City of Amsterdam, sports is everywhere.

A quick example? Amsterdam embraced 3×3 basketball and recently hosted both the European and World Championships. As a result, the city nowadays counts over 125 3×3 public playgrounds.

We love to take sports to the unexpected spots. To make the inspiration visible. An artificial ice rink in the Olympic Stadium, a Davis Cup tennis court on a former gas plant, European Athletics Championships in the city center on a square, boxing in our Royal Theater Carré. And so on, beach volleyball in front of our National Palace.

A city for the future

The City of Amsterdam is one of the most vibrant cities in western Europe. It holds the world’s second largest internet hub, bringing tech and creativity companies from all over the world to Amsterdam. Sports being a highly important catalyst for a future driven business climate. Amsterdam is welcoming new ideas for sports participation, always making the smartest connections between elite sports and grass roots concepts. With a rapidly growing number of inhabitants, the new model for the future is founded in themes like: health, welfare, diversity, greening, sustainability and innovation.

The future for all

Amsterdam cherishes a unique conceptual starting point: the city is our stadium. The city itself provides an iconic background for highly successful sports events. The events, in their turn, bring a mesmerizing inspiration to the ‘Amsterdammers’. To each and everyone. No wonder, sports participation in The Netherlands is one of the highest in Europe.

  • Country: Netherlands
  • Population: 882,633 inhab.
  • Mayor: Mrs. Femke Halsema
  • Area: 219,33 km2
  • Official language: Dutch
  • Official website: www.amsterdam.nl
  • Olympic events: Summer Olympic Games 1928