Additional Trip 2023, Amsterdam – The Netherlands

From 29 November to 1 December, Union Members are invited to explore the Host City of the 1928 Olympic Games. “Once an Olympic City, always an Olympic City” is the Union’s motto, and Amsterdam fully embodies this. The Olympic Stadium remains in use and is at the heart of the City’s sport policies. Beyond this emblematic venue, the City itself is a stadium: it provides an iconic background for highly successful sports events. The events, in their turn, bring mesmerizing inspiration to the ‘Amsterdammers’; to each and everyone.

With a living Olympic heritage which encompasses canals, cycle paths, parks, and high-level sports facilities, alike, Amsterdam does everything to promote and welcome sport in all its dimensions and for all audiences. It is a vibrant sports city, which knows how to use its environment to offer its inhabitants and visitors a wide range of year-round physical and sporting activities.  Amsterdam is the first ever  Summer Olympic City Member of the Union to host the additional trip. Warm thanks go to the Municipality of Amsterdam for welcoming the Union.

  • Wednesday, November 29

    Wednesday, November 29

    14:00 Transfer by bus to Gare du Nord, Paris and by train to Amsterdam

    20:30 Exclusive dinner at the Amsterdam Tower.

    Apollo Hotel

    In the 1920s, the Apollo Pavilion was constructed as a guest residence for the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam. In 1961, the Apollo Pavilion expanded to become the Apollo Hotel. The Apollo Hall adjacent to the hotel was formerly used as an Olympic sports hall.  The history of the Amsterdam Olympic Games is depicted on the wall behind the reception desk. Tile artwork deconstructs the original poster of the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam. White lines run across the lobby floor representing the Olympic starting lines.

    The Apollo Hotel is a partner of Topsports Amsterdam Association.

  • Thursday, November 30

    Thursday, 30 November

    am Boat trip to and visit of the Olympic Stadium.

    The Olympic Stadium: a must on the programme. It was built for de Olympic Summer Games in 1928 and is still in use. It hosts a grassroot athletics club, gymnastic lessons for schools, sport events, and a wide variety of other events including concerts and festivals. Presentations will focus (i) on the contemporain exploitation, the legacy of the building anticipating the century celebration in 2028 and (ii) on the 1928 Games and the connection with Antwerp 1920, Paris 1924, LA 1932 and the involvement of other countries like China and Japan. 

    pm Visit of the Mayor‘s Residence

    The Mayor’s Residence, a historical house on one of Amsterdam’s canals. ‘The house with the pillars’ is the official residence for the Mayor of Amsterdam. It was built in 1665 for Paulus Godin, director of the Dutch West India Company. In 1926, the house was put into use as the official Mayor’s residence. It was a gift from the bank ‘Nederlandse Handelmaatchappij’. The Mayor’s residential quarters are on the third and fourth floors. The ground floor and the first floor hold representational functions for the city.

    Olympic Rowing Centre at the “Bosbaan

    The Bosbaan is a rowing track located in Amsterdam Forestpark where World/European Championships and many other rowing races are held throughout the year. The offices of the National Rowing Federation (KNRB) and the National Training Centre are located there. The source of Dutch rowing success is located at the Bosbaan. During the visit, Amsterdam Topsport Association will present the Topsport Rowing Program and the “Topsport Kitchen” where the meals for several Topsport Programs are cooked.

    19:00 Dinner on a canal boat – Amsterdam Light Festival

  • Friday, December 1st

    Friday, 1 December

    am The Urban Zone Park Zeeburgereiland is one of the more appealing sport parks in Amsterdam, due to the large Urban Zone which is visited by youth from the whole region. As  a venue completely open for the public, this park requires a different kind of park management, which is conducted by the City along with partners such as sport clubs, health care providers, schools, and youth workers. 


    14:00 Transfer to Central Train Station (connection to Schipol International Airport)

  • Information

    Practical information

    For the additional trip, the Union will cover all on-site expenses for up to two representatives of Olympic Cities’ Active Members. It includes transportation from Paris to Amsterdam as well as two nights of hotel accommodation in Amsterdam. Fees for additional participants amount to CHF 590.- Accommodation in Amsterdam is included in this fee. We invite you to schedule your return flights directly from Amsterdam.