Olympic Legacy

  • Keeping the flame alive

    The Olympic Games, as any (sport) event, have the power to deliver long-lasting and positive changes to their environment and communities, beyond those already experienced before and during the event itself. To take full advantage of the opportunities the Games can provide, this positive legacy needs to be clearly planned and embedded in the host city’s vision from the earliest possible stage.

    From sports promotion in a disadvantaged neighbourhood to popular celebrations of Games anniversaries, from cultural festivals to volunteers’ mobilisation, from adaptation of facilities to local needs to educational programmes, there are many ways of perpetuating the Olympic experience.

    The Olympic Legacy Toolkit is aimed at being a practical instrument to showcase Olympic cities’ achievements, stimulate inspiration and learn from others’ experience. Out of the five objectives listed below, each City has identified two objectives that best characterise their approach of legacy.

    • Celebrate Olympism and its values
    • Promote a healthy and active lifestyle
    • Develop human capital and generate social cohesion
    • Promote social and constructive behaviour
    • Promote the City by leveraging its affiliation with the Olympic movement.

    The World Union of Olympic Cities is pleased to invite you to enjoy an inspiring journey and to wander around the many and diverse forms of the Games’ legacies among host cities. Explore the Olympic Legacy Toolkit and keep the flame alive!

  • The World Union of Olympic Cities’ mission

    The International Olympic Committee, within the framework of their Olympic Agenda 2020, has honored the World Union of Olympic Cities with a mission: To contribute in ensuring the monitoring of the Games legacy.

    The World Union of Olympic Cities’ contribution consists of documenting, promoting and maximising the various forms of the Games’ tangible and intangible legacies among host cities.