Imperial heritage and skyscrapers

Lying on the south bank of the Yangtze River, Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, is known, with its history of more than 2000 years, as the place where emperors built their capital in ancient Chinese history. This heritage combined with a contemporary development in the 20th century both promoted Nanjing to a huge historical, economic and political center.

With abundant Chinese historical and cultural leftovers from the past, Nanjing offers a balance between ancient relics and soaring skyscrapers. The immense wealth of well-preserved Chinese culture and history, architecture unique to China’s Ming era and roots of one of China’s finest cuisines added to the constant flow of activity of the city, reveal a strong and deep link to the past as well as a real mind set towards the future.

Dynamic business pole

With an urban population of approximately 8.4 million people, Nanjing is an important pole for commerce and trade in Eastern China. Its current economy primarily relies on the sectors of industry, education and tourism.

The municipal government is further improving the desirability of the city to investors by establishing new industrial parks, making the city the host of manufacturing and production facilities for some of the world’s leading multinational corporations.
Life in Nanjing is much slower and more relaxed than in Beijing or Shanghai. Parks are found all around the city. The commuters and travelers can benefit from a convenient transportation system including land, water and air facilities.
Numerous higher learning institutions are homed in Nanjing, ranking the city in the top national and provincial academic levels.

A “People’s Place”

Thanks to hosting the 2014 Youth Olympics Games, the city can count on numerous sport infrastructures, like its famous Nanjing Sports Park situated on the river front. This gigantic athletic venue has become the model for future sports park developments throughout China aiming to create an iconic development for the Games as well as a real legacy for the future generations: a “People’s Place” and a dynamic destination point.

  • Country: China
  • Population: 10,127,000 inhab.
  • Mayor: Mr Xia Xinmin
  • Area: 6’958 km2
  • Official language: Chinese
  • Official website:
  • Olympic events: Youth Olympic Games 2014
  • Xinjiekou©Nanjing
  • Taicheng©Nanjing
  • Yantsee Bridge©Nanjing
  • Port©Nanjing
  • Nanjing Eye©Nanjing
  • Dr Sun Yat sen s Mausoleum©Nanjing
  • Hexi New Town©Nanjing
  • Chaotiangong Palace©Nanjing