A treasure of nature, history and culture

Surrounded by mountains and abundant nature and grown around the 1,400 years-old Zenkoji Buddhist Temple – a National Treasure – Nagano has developed as a city which draws many pilgrims and visitors. With a long history, a rich culture and beautiful landscapes around, Nagano gained international recognition hosting the 18th Winter Olympic Games in 1998.

Nagano City, the lively city nestled in the mountain ranges of the Northern Japanese Alps, pulses in harmony with the surrounding nature. It is a temple town where Zenkoji Temple, a national treasure, and other scenery give impression of a historical town, especially the relaxing feeling of the approach to Zenkoji, the antique streets of Matsushiro and the remains of an old battlefield from the age of the provincial wars.

Four seasons to enjoy

Nagano City also nurtures mystical legends offering an historic atmosphere, with many samurai residences, temples, and gardens of the feudal period, and beautiful seasons; beautiful flowers in spring, cool and dynamic nature in summer, rich and colorful leaves in fall and winter scenery

can be enjoyed as well as a wide range of activities such as mountain climbing, walking, skiing, snowshoeing and many other sports throughout the year.

Convention and business centre

Currently, Nagano presents a large concentration of manufacturing and assembly industries, including electrical machinery, information and communications equipment, electronic components and devices, and transportation equipment.

The 18th Winter Olympic held in 1998 brought the city on the international scene. One of the stated aims of the Games was the “coexistence with the beauty of nature and its wonderful resources”. In this light, the city avoided as much as possible to develop new courses, and various sustainable measures were taken to the recycling of resources. Since the culmination of these events, Nagano has become a convention center turned on academics, culture, arts, sports and industry, accumulating an abundance of experience and successes, where the Olympic facilities still carry the Olympic thrills.

  • Country: Japan
  • Population: 374,600 inhab.
  • Mayor: Mr. Kenji Ogiwara
  • Area: 834,81 km2 (322,32 sq mi)
  • Official language: Japanese
  • Olympic events: Winter Olympic Games 1998
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