Make your celebrations permanent!

“One picture is worth a thousand words” 


Olympic Cities are being given two opportunities by the International Olympic Committee to display signs that tell stories both to the local population and visitors.

Combining visibility of symbols with pedagogical elements such as storytelling, Olympic “Spectaculars” and “Stamps” can be located in the City, provided there is a sound connection between the places and the Games, and that the locations are explained to the public using specific markers.

According to the IOC, “Spectaculars are large-scale installations of the Olympic rings and/or Olympic marks in very prominent and visible locations in the host city and/or country […] Strategically placed, they […] create memorable images and memories.” The “Site of the Olympic Games” stamp is “the opportunity for cities to mark locations that have hosted the Olympic Games.

We have all taken pictures in front of iconic monuments and places and shown them back home saying: “I was there”, “I did that” with a strong sense of ownership meaning: “I was a part of this or that major event that happened there” … Visibility and images are essential for both remembering and creating new individual or collective memories! This is the reason why it is of paramount importance to have visible signs, symbols and land markers that allow us to find our way and place in history.

The Olympic Games and subsequent legacy are part of a City’s history. Olympic Cities are proud of highlighting their history as Olympic Hosts, a status that is shared among a very limited number of cities in the world. Some are already well-equipped with Olympic signs and symbols that identify the various venues and places that celebrate the Olympic Host City on a daily basis. Others may want to investigate opportunities to re-ignite their Olympic past through images that people can carry and further disseminate.

Beyond anniversaries or specific milestones, Cities can activate their Olympic legacy in a more “permanent” way. Whether they hosted the Games a few years ago or a century ago, today, Cities are invited to reconnect with their Olympic past through accessible symbolic material.

You are invited to view the IOC presentations in more detail by clicking below as well as downloading the request form! The IOC will study your requests designed in collaboration with your NOC/OCOG.

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