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The capital of the Swiss canton of Vaud is in the midst of a booming region: economy, town planning, public transport and mobility are all sectors undergoing transformation. Lausanne is honored to have been chosen the capital of the Olympic Movement and to be a pioneer in the field of sustainability.

Olympic Capital

Lausanne is host to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), to more than 50 international sports federations and sports-oriented organizations. The House of International Sport provides office space for several of these international bodies. And one should not forget the Olympic Museum, which is unique in the world. At the local level, 330 sports associations and clubs offer a variety of activities: Water sports on the lake shore, walking, all-terrain biking, Nordic skiing, golf and a large range of field and indoor sports. The city also offers the infrastructures for sports-studies and sport manager training. With several sport-oriented companies, sport has become an economic activity of the city.

Pioneering sustainability

With its policies (Agenda 2030) and its sustainability fund, Lausanne strives to make itself a prosperous and future-oriented centre for quality of life. Today, sustainability reaches all sectors of daily life: energy consumption, education, tourism and urban development.

City of education

The University of Lausanne and the Federal Institute of Technology, a high tech research center of world importance, together form one of the biggest university campuses in Switzerland. The international business management institute IMD, one of the most prestigious in the world, the Lausanne Hotel School, the world’s leading school in hospitality management, as well as public administration institutes, vocational colleges and many private educational establishments and art schools together form a centre of excellence in the field of education and research.

Lausanne hosted the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games. Thanks to Lausanne en Jeux!, the City offered to the population and visitors an amazing cultural programme and was transformed into a huge and free playing field during the Games!

The economy of Lausanne is well-diversified with fields of excellence such as health care and biotechnology as well as business-oriented services. Research and development are particularly valued. Quality of life rhymes with economic incentives!

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Population: 130,421 inhab.
  • Mayor: Mr. Grégoire Junod
  • Area: 41,35 km2
  • Official language: French
  • Official
  • Olympic events: Olympic Capital, 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games
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