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The Tyrolean capital

Innsbruck presents itself as an internationally known and well established sports centre embedded in the majestic landscape of the Tyrolean Alps. The city looks back on a long and proud history of Olympic Games and major international events.

The foundation was laid in 1964, when Innsbruck hosted the 9th Winter Olympic Games for the first time. On this occasion, the city underwent comprehensive modernisation. Not only were plenty of sports facilities built, but the Olympic Village Innsbruck even got a new district, which today is home to over 9,000 people. Shortly afterwards, Innsbruck stepped in as host city for the 1976 Winter Games and finally gained fame all over the world. In the following years, Innsbruck hosted the Winter Paralympic Games of 1984 and 1988 as well as the 2005 Winter Universiade. It regularly serves as a host city for several world cup events.

The latest milestones in the city’s Olympic history were the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games, which were held in 2012. The Youth Games proved that throughout more than 50 years, Innsbruck and its population have not lost any of the enthusiasm for major sporting events. Now, Innsbruck is looking forward to hosting the 7th International Children’s Games in 2016.

Cultural City Innsbruck

Besides sports and its breathtaking scenery, Innsbruck is valued for its culture and history. Innsbruck became the capital of the Tyrol in 1492 and turned into an important political and cultural centre within Europe. Today, countless sights all over the old town still remind one of the rich history. In 1669, Innsbruck became a university city. Nowadays, it is the most important centre for education and research in western Austria. More than 30,000 students shape the city’s character in making it an international, vivid, young and modern city.


Innsbruck already offers its residents a high quality of living but never stops developing itself in order to foster the city’s reputation as an international business location and attractive place for living – sustainable and future-oriented.

  • Country: Austria
  • Population: 124,579 inhab.
  • Mayor: Mr Georg Willi
  • Area: 104,91 km2
  • Official language: Austrian
  • Official website:
  • Olympic events: Winter Olympic Games 1964 – 1976, Winter Paralympic Games 1984 & 1988, Youth Olympic Games 2012
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